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Did You Know?

In addition to the retreats and programs offered by our Spiritual Growth staff, the Jesuit Center for Spiritual Growth welcomes Catholic and other ecumenical groups who are looking for a beautiful setting to conduct their own group meetings.

Take, Lord, and receive all my liberty,

my memory, my understanding

and my entire will,

All I have and call my own.

You have given all to me.

To you, Lord, I return it.

Everything is yours; do with it what you will.

Give me only your love and your grace,

That is enough for me.

—St. Ignatius of Loyola

2019/2020 Spiritual

Growth Program Calendar (click on program name for information) 

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August 9 – 17    8-Day Directed Retreat - registration closed      

August 10 – 17   A Future Full of Hope: A Jesuit Retreat on Midlife and Beyond (Jesuits Only)- registration closed 



September 27-29    2nd Annual Weekend Retreat for Men in Recovery – Fr. Bob Pecoraro, SJ



Oct 4-6    Weekend Directed Retreat

Oct 21-27   5-Day Directed Retreat



Nov 27    Center closes for Thanksgiving at 5 PM through Dec 1 – No Retreatants/No Groups






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Make your own schedule with a Private Retreat at the Jesuit Center for Spiritual Growth!

If you are interested in learning more about Private Retreats, email Andrew Dotter, Assistant Registrar at adotter@jesuitcenter.org.

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If you are interested in visiting our bookstore and do not have a scheduled retreat,

email Melinda Leonowitz, Registrar at mleonowitz@jesuitcenter.org. We will let you know the best time to come and let our security team know you'll be visiting the campus! 


Dec 2   Center re-opens

Dec 7    Holiday Concert

Dec 6-8   Advent Weekend Directed Retreat

Dec 13-19    5-Day Directed Retreat

Dec 20    Center closes for Christmas at 5PM through Jan 1 –  No Retreatants/No Groups



Jan 2     Center re-opens

Jan 2-Feb 3   30-Day Directed Retreat: The Spiritual Exercises

Jan 10-18   8-Day Directed Retreat

Jan 24-26    Weekend Directed Retreat


MARCH 2020

Mar 6-8    Lenten Weekend Directed Retreat

Mar 8   Opus One / Celebration of Women concert


APRIL 2020

Apr 9    Center closes for Holy Week/Easter at 5 PM through April 12 – No Retreatants/No Groups

Apr 13    Center re-opens


MAY 2020

May 11-19   8-Day Directed Retreat

May 29-31   Pentecost Weekend Directed Retreat


JUNE 2020

June 22-28   5-Day Directed Retreat

June 30-Aug 2   30-Day Directed Retreat: The Spiritual Exercises


JULY 2020

July 2-10  8-Day Directed Retreat

July 13-19   5-Day Directed Retreat

July 24-Aug 1 8-Day Directed Retreat



Aug 7-9     Weekend Directed Retreat

Aug 15-21    5-Day Directed Retreat

Aug 21   Center closes for maintenance at 5 PM through Sept 7 – No Retreatants/No Groups



Sept 8   Center re-opens